Mark has been a standout figure in the metalshaping community for over 35 years. After receiving classical panel beater’s training in England, he returned to America and was soon building cars for the likes of Jay Leno, Bob Lutz, ZZ Top, the McCaw brothers, and many other classic car aficionados. His high-quality work producing complete Shelby Cobras and Ferrari 250s soon brought him to the attention of the nation’s top car magazines, and since the 1990s his coach work has graced the covers of many notable publications. When Ford Motor Company’s High Performance team decided to build a roadster version of their 2005/2006 street-legal Ford GT-40, Kip Ewing of the team came to Mark to ask for his help in bringing the GTX-1 to life for the upcoming 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas. A car this beautiful could not stay a single design exercise so Mark was asked to take on a low production run of the cars and from that he was commissioned to build over 60 of them for the world’s most discriminating car collectors.

Now, as he enters his fourth decade in the custom coach building, Mark has turned his attention fully to teaching others the craft and the art that he has mastered so well. He has said, “I’m very thankful that I had the opportunity to live in England and other places in the world to learn from old world craftsmen. I got there at the tail end of the mentor-apprentice training era. That opportunity is no longer available, but I intend to replicate the best of it in the Academy.”

Mark and the 2016 Road America / Weathertech International Challenge Trophy for Peoples Choice Concours