Begins January 5th 2017

Syllabus For Two-Year Masters Course in CoachBuilding

First Year: Semesters I & II

In these first two semesters students will be taught everything needed to know about upper super structure construction of the chassis. Students will be instructed how to properly add support and how to align the body of this structure to increase the overall torsional rigidity and structural integrity for the entire vehicle. The goal of design will be ultimate strength without unwanted weight and complexity.


Instruction will be taught on all, but not limited to, the techniques listed below:

  • Body mounting space frame construction (main chassis and upper structure for body mounting)
  • Tubular chassis construction in both steel and aluminum
  • Welding of steel and aluminum tubing (MIG, TIG and gas)
  • Jig construction as well as bonding and riveting aluminum monocoque construction
  • Inter-panel flat work
  • Structural bead rolling, structural integrity, torsional rigidity and testing for its ultimate strength
  • Safety in design, packaging, crumple zones, the best material choices when constructing


Second Year: Semesters III & IV

The mysteries of metal shaping and CoachBuilding will be unlocked as we instruct how to build panels for Coach Built work as well as attaching panels to the super structure of the chassis for perfect alignment. The third and fourth semesters will focus on learning why metal does what it does (in steel and aluminum) and how to make it do what you want it to do. This will be accomplished by using the four key elements of shaping any panel. The process will begin with students making basic shapes in metal by hand, using simple tools, and in the end students will have built the complete construction of a vehicle’s chassis and body.


Instruction will be taught on all, but not limited to, the techniques listed below:

  • Reading light lines and understanding flow as well as how it relates to the entire process of CoachBuilding.
  • Gapping, wire edging and fine tuning of the body.
  • Clay modeling for perfecting shapes in existing panels and building conceptual structures
  • Building shaping bucks from wires, wood, cardboard and steel so that panels can be fitted properly to the super structure of the main chassis and to properly match both sides with one pattern as well
  • Further techniques in MIG, TIG and gas welding
  • The four key elements of shaping a panel: shape, form, shrink, and stretch
  • Panel forming and mounting
  • Complete construction of an alloy body with correct dead straight gaps, returns, wet plain areas, and understanding of the right sealing flanges and how they work
  • Fitting and mounting a complete body with doors, hood and deck lid.


Tuition for the Masters Course is $42,000 US dollars per year, plus books and supplies. Total cost for the two year program is $84,000. Upon completion of the program you will receive a Degree in Coachbuilding.

Down payment for each year is due by the first week of October $21,000. With the remaining amount for the year due by the second week in December of $21,000. To cover the first year. On the anniversary of these dates for the second year amounts equal to the first year will be due.

All books, tools and supplies needed for each semester must be complete prior to the start of each semester. A list will be provided to students one month prior to each semester.