Basic welding workshops for personal and business needs.

AAMS is now offering a one, two and three day a week or weekend workshops on basic welding. Individuals can learn basic MIG, TIG and/or gas welding using the latest Miller Welding systems.
All necessary materials, tools and safety equipment are provided through workshop fee. Workshops run from 10:00am to 4:00pm. (Sandwich and bottled water are provided for lunch.) Workshops are limited to only 4 students each day for maximum one-on-one instruction. Workshops are lead by Master CoachBuilder Mark Gerisch a 38-year veteran in Metal Shaping.

These classes are only available at select times so please contact us for scheduling inquiries.

Workshop Pricing*:
One day: $400
Two consecutive days: $750
Three consecutive days: $1,100
*All fees are due at time of booking classes
**Class fees are non-refundable so be sure you want this Workshop.